Classic island freezer with left & right sliding door

● Copper tube evaporator ● Energy saving& high efficiency ● Tempered and coated glass ● Imported compressor ● Auto defrosting ● RAL colour choices

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All in all, the 1-Piece Cellular Glass Door Freezer Insert Refrigerator is a smart, energy-efficient, and visually appealing addition to your cooling needs. With its flexible temperature control, large insulated see-through door and foam construction, this refrigerator is the perfect choice for all your freezing needs. Upgrade to this advanced cooling solution today and experience the convenience and efficiency it offers.

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Temperature Range










Product Introduction 

We offer a classic style island freezer with a sliding glass door that is perfect for displaying and storing frozen products. The glass used in the door has a low-e coating to minimize heat transfer and maximize energy efficiency. Additionally, our freezer is equipped with an anti-condensation feature to reduce moisture buildup on the glass surface. Our island freezer also features automated frost technology, which helps to maintain optimal temperature levels and prevents ice buildup. This ensures hassle-free operation and keeps your products in perfect condition. Furthermore, we take pride in our product's safety and compliance. Our island freezer is ETL and CE certified, meeting the highest industry standards for electrical safety and performance. Not only is our freezer built to the highest quality standards, but it is also designed for global use. We export to Southeast Asia,North America and Europe, providing our customers with reliable and efficient freezing solutions worldwide. To guarantee superior performance, our freezer is equipped with a Secop compressor and an ebm fan. These components ensure excellent cooling efficiency and long-lasting durability.When it comes to insulation, the entire foaming thickness of our freezer is 80mm. This thick insulation layer helps to maintain consistent temperatures and ensures that your products remain frozen at all times. Whether you need a freezer for a grocery store, supermarket, or convenience store, our classic style island freezer is the perfect choice. With its sliding glass door, low-e glass, anti-condensation feature, automated frost technology, ETL, CE certification, Secop compressor, ebm fan, and 80mm foaming thickness, this freezer offers reliability, energy efficiency, and excellent performance.

Product Advantages

1.Copper Tube Evaporator: Copper tube evaporators are commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and is durable, making it an ideal choice for this component. 2.Imported Compressor: An imported compressor may indicate a high-quality or specialized component for your system. Compressors are crucial in the refrigeration cycle, so using an imported one could imply improved performance or reliability. 3.Tempered and Coated Glass: If this feature is related to a product like a display refrigerator or a glass door for a freezer, tempered and coated glass can provide added strength and safety. The coating might also offer better insulation or UV protection. 4.RAL Colour Choices: RAL is a color matching system that provides standardized color codes for various colors. Offering RAL color choices means customers can select specific colors for their unit to match their aesthetic preferences or brand identity. 5.Energy Saving & High Efficiency: This is a crucial feature in any cooling system, as it can help reduce energy consumption and operating costs. High efficiency typically means the unit can maintain the desired temperature while using less energy. 6.Auto Defrosting: Auto defrosting is a convenient feature in refrigeration units. It prevents ice buildup on the evaporator, which can reduce efficiency and cooling capacity. Regular defrosting cycles are automated, so you don't have to do it manually.

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